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Fr Johnson Fernandez: 6583 6393
Fr Terence Kesavan: 6583 8789

Raymond Tan
General Office: 6583 3378
Fax: 6583 1694

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Monday - 2 pm to 7 pm

Tuesday to Friday - 11 am to 7 pm (Lunch 1 - 2 pm)

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Closed on Public holidays.


Our Priests

Fr Johnson Fernandez

Father Johnson Fernandez

Our Parish Priest, has been working tirelessly overseeing the construction of the Church of the Divine Mercy (CDM) since the idea for a new church in the East was conceived. He has also served at the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of the Holy Family and the Church of Christ the King- where he had overseen the church rebuilding as parish priest. Father Fernandez also is the Managing Editor for Catholic



Father Terence Kesavan

CDM welcomes to Fr Terence to our big loving family! Fr Terence was ordained to the priesthood on 1 Jan 2014 and celebrated his first mass at CDM on 3 Jan 2014.


To view Fr. Terence's ordination video, click HERE


Fr Terence shares with us his message for CDM

"Using the analogy of the new soccer player stepping onto the field for his first match, I am reminded that it is not my match to win, but ultimately the team working together that will do great things. I am glad to be posted back to CDM where I did my pastoral attachment in 2010. I look forward to working with and learning from Fr Johnson and the vast experience that he has to share. And I am grateful for the many friends that I made in 2010, who have continued to pray for me over these years, and warmly welcomed me when my posting was announced. I am new at this, with much to learn, and I cannot wait to get to know all of you, so that together we can continue to make CDM a place where people encounter God, and grow in love for one another"