28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Captivated by the Blessed Sacrament
Why were our kids so captivated with the Blessed Sacrament?
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At this weekend Masses 140 children of our parish will receive First Holy Eucharist at their respective Masses. It is the central and most important of all the sacraments.

Of all seven sacraments, the Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is the most central and important to us. Holy Communion is offered at every Mass and the ritual of the Mass is largely taken up with preparing the bread and wine to become the body and blood of Christ through transubstantiation and the congregation to receive the body of Christ.

The Holy Eucharist refers to Christ’s body and blood present in the consecrated host on the altar, and we truly believe what Jesus taught us, when he said at the Last Supper, “This is my body … This is my blood.” We believe that the consecrated bread and wine are the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ. For us Catholics, the presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist isn’t just symbolic, it’s real. When you receive Holy Communion with great reverence, you’re intimately united with Jesus Christ — he literally becomes part of you.

We thank our catechists and parents who helped our parish children in their faith formation and we pray that our parents will continue to nourish the faith of these children.

Parish Buzz
Our Kids Spend Holy Hour with the Blessed Sacrament

Last Sunday our parish was privileged to have Fr. Lionel Thomas celebrate Holy Hour with our children and parents. The Holy Hour aims to bring about a greater awareness of the importance of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to instil a deeper love for the Eucharist in a way the young can understand. Fr Lionel captured the attention of the children with ease when he placed the Monstrance on the altar and talked to Jesus like He was just there among them. Using a fun and

importance and reverence for the Eucharist were both emphasised and understood. Special thanks to Fr. Lionel and those working behind the scene namely our Secretariat, Audio Visual Ministry. Children’s Liturgy, Catechetical and Youth ministers who helped make the Holy Hour a success. Fr. Lionel is from Malacca and is now serving in St. Henry’s at Batu Pahat.

Photos of the event are available HERE!

RCIA Mission Sunday

Last Sunday, 23 of our Catechumens were involved in Mission Sunday to introduce them to our religious brothers and sisters who are deeply involved in mission work. Our Catechumens visited the Verbum Dei Missionaries, St Francis Xavier Major Seminary and the Church of St Mary of the Angels. Here is what one of our Catechumen, Kiran Primalani had to say:


“Mission Sunday was an eye opener, as I was unaware of the various works of the Catholic community. The number of years an aspiring priest has to take on in the seminary revealed just how much dedication they need to devote themselves for their calling in life. Fr Derrick with his boisterous personality was easy to connect with and he spoke with such conviction that one could not turn away from him. I would like to thank the RCIA group for arranging Mission Sunday and for blessing us and expanding our Catholic knowledge.“

Photos of the event are available HERE!

It was an eye-opening experience for our Catechumens as there were introduced to our religious brothers and sisters and their vision of world mission.

October Infant Baptism

Congratulations to the parents and godparents
whose infants received the Sacrament of
Baptism on Sunday 4 Oct 2015.


Photos are now available HERE!

RCIA 2015

Come Journey with Us!


New RCIA Programme for 2015/2016
Inspired to find out more about the Catholic faith? Our new RCIA will start on Sun 7 June, 3:30pm at the Parish Hall. Registration forms are available in the parish office.

For enquiries, please contact the Parish Office or email rcia@divinemercy.sg

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