Palm Sunday
With palm branches waving and people singing, we finally see Jesus granted the welcome he deserves. However, it is hard to throw ourselves into the celebratory spirit of Palm Sunday knowing Jesus will be crucified by the same hands that are here waving in adoration. Soon the sea of gratitude will become a storm of mockery, and even Christ’s disciples will lose faith.

Palm Sunday is a vivid example of Jesus giving us not what we want, but what we need. The crowd wanted an earthly king; someone to free them from the oppression of the Romans but Jesus’ ultimate goal was freedom from sin, not from earthly governments.

In the week to come, we will begin our Easter Triduum with Holy Thursday – when Jesus sacramentally gave himself in the Eucharist at the Last Supper, followed by Good Friday – when we retell the story of the Passion of Jesus, and finally we rejoice on Easter to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Therefore, Palm Sunday is in fact a day of expectation – we are expectant of the glorious event at the end of the week, when Jesus returns as the King of Kings to bring forgiveness to all those who want it. What a marvelous thing: Jesus, God made flesh, died for sinful humanity’s sake and then rose from the grave to conquer death!

Parish Buzz
Divine Mercy Feast Day Celebrations on 12 April 2015!

We want to give praise and thanks to God for bringing this parish family into our 5th year! In celebration of our feast day, we have lined up a series of exciting programme for parishioners and visitors to our Church of Divine Mercy. We will start in prayer and thanksgiving with our 9-day Novena which will culminate with Divine Mercy Sunday. Many parishioners have opened their homes for the first three days of Novena. Please refer to page 3 for the hosts’ details. On our feast day, parishioners and visitors will be treated with the following:

A special, limited edition 5 year anniversary and feast day gift
Food, fun fair and jumble sale in our basement 1, (8am-1pm)
Church tour
Remember the call for a new way of evangelization to invite someone to our feast day? Booths are still open this weekend to purchase feast day coupons and register your guests for the church tour! It’s going to be fun, exciting, enriching and most importantly merciful! Come and see!

Level 1 Parent & Child Session

Last weekend, the Level 1 parents joined their children in our prayer space where they experienced a Catechism session. We introduced to the children, the Last Supper and its link to the celebration of the Eucharist at mass, laying the foundation for their understanding of the Lord’s real presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

Thank You!

A big thank you for all volunteers who have come forward to wash palms and clean the church on Saturday so that parishioners have clean palms and a pristine church for Holy Week!

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