18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
You Can Live Every Day of Your Life from Attitude

The law of inertia holds that a body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain in motion, at the same speed and in the same direction,unless acted upon by an outside force. With one major difference, that law applies very well to the pattern of our lives. People who are successful tend to remain successful. People who are happy tend to remain happy. People who are respected tend to remain respected. People who reach their goals tend to go on reaching their goals. So what’s the major difference? In physics, inertia is controlled by outside forces; but the real changes in the directions of our lives come from inside us. As William James said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a person can alter his life by altering his attitude of mind.” You can live every day of your life. You can be alive to the tips of your fingers. You can accomplish virtually any worthwhile goal you set for yourself.


- Nido Qubein

Parish Buzz
Level 9 Ministry Attachment 2015

We continue our weekly series of our L9 teens’ ministry attachment experience with Pierre Russell, who is attached to the Choir Ministry. This segment is put together by three teens attached to the Communications Ministry – Alicia, Eily and Mirella.


Why did you choose this ministry?
Actually, I did not choose this Ministry. I could not decide so I “tikam” and landed on Choir!

Pierre Russel (centre)

How has it been so far?
I actually really like it…I hope I can learn to sing better, to really be part of the choir during Mass.
At first it was really awkward and tense but after a few rounds of singing and everyone being so
nice, I don’t feel so stress and now feel that choir practice has a much more cheerful air to it.


What is your aspiration for this attachment?
I feel that I still have a lot more to learn but I hope to strengthen my faith in the Lord and overcome challenges with the help of my fellow choir members.

Lector’s Cafe a Hit!
Last Sunday, the Lector Ministry ran the canteen after the morning masses. Their dishes were so unique and delicious that they sold out very quickly! Russell Doherty, a parishioner, gave special mention to the coney dog, and rated a 7/10, “to give room for improvement.” Thank you parishioners for your support and generosity!

Level 2 Parent & Child Session with Father Johnson

To help for their child’s First Reconciliation, parents of children in Level 2 attended a session on “Inheritance vs Heritage” where Father Johnson shared on the difference between the tangible and intangible aspects of life and the importance of cultivating good qualities and values in our children.

Cathedral of The Good Shepherd Needs You!

She stands ravaged by time, dull with cracked walls and broken facade. Her foundations have grown weak. Currently, being re-enforced, renewed, repaired, refurbished. Soon to be restored to her former beauty. Support the Cathedral fund-raising effort.

Donation envelopes will be distributed in the parish. The Good Shepherd magazine will also be on sale in the foyer this weekend.

RCIA 2015

Come Journey with Us!


New RCIA Programme for 2015/2016
Inspired to find out more about the Catholic faith? Our new RCIA will start on Sun 7 June, 3:30pm at the Parish Hall. Registration forms are available in the parish office.

For enquiries, please contact the Parish Office or email rcia@divinemercy.sg

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