The Fourth Sunday of Advent: Love

“The Lord himself will give you this sign: the virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel”

- Is 7:14

Consider the impossibilities Mary faced in the Christmas story: She is a virgin and pregnant — she is having a child while she is a virgin. Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! Joseph has to follow through on the marriage after he discovers Mary is pregnant. Impossible! Mary must avoid being stoned to death when the neighbors hear the news. Impossible!

Consider the impossibility Elizabeth faced. She was well past the childbearing age, and yet God says she is going to conceive and bear a child. This impossible news left old Zechariah speechless. Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! This is a story of biblical impossibilities. But, what are the impossibilities in our world? What would you label “impossible” in your life? Peace in our world. Impossible! No way! Won’t happen! Restoring relationships, healing past hurts in our lives. A non-christian relative or friend entering a relationship with Christ and asking for baptism. Breaking an addiction and overcoming past hurts and disappointments? Impossible!

We find ourselves with the same troubled mind as Mary, wondering over the impossible (Luke 1: 29). We even ask the same question Mary asked, “How will this be?” (v. 34). To us it seems impossible! No way! Won’t happen! The real question for people today is “How can the impossible become possible?”

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Advent Candle Week 4: Love
The final and fourth Sunday of the Advent season is dedicated to the theme of LOVE. Love is the theme that resonates throughout the Christmas season as the Bible tells us that it was God’s love for the world that motivated the sending of his Son at Christmas. This candle reminds us that God loves us, and that we must show that love by loving one another. Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Eve and continues for the next “twelve days of Christmas.”Therefore, in this final weekend of Advent, let us maintain our spiritual preparation for this celebration of our Lord’s birth.

Annual Church Cleaning

Close to a hundred parishioners spent last Sat morning cleaning our church. A big THANK YOU to all who volunteered. Your efforts are well appreciated!

The Gift of Faith - Infant Baptism Dec 2014

Congratulations to the parents and godparents whose infants received the Sacrament of Baptism last Sunday 14 Dec 2014.

May the blessing of our Lord be upon the parents and godparents in nurturing their child in the light of faith.

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