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“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb...” ]ohn 20:1

Imagine how early Mary had to get up to get to the tomb. Think of the courage it took to go in the predawn darkness.

No street lights to guide her footsteps, no way to see any lurking dangers. She was in a graveyard, not the most comfortable place to be strolling. What love and dedication this woman had. How much she must have loved Jesus to risk doing what she did.

As I celebrate Easter this year, I look at all my lame excuses for not being more dedicated and loving in my relationships and in my work. I sometimes find myself whining about the littlest things like getting up early to pray, answering another phone call, etc. I forget that there is a price to be paid if one is to be a disciple of the Risen Christ. If I truly have the joy and fire of Easter in my spiritual bones, I will be willing to do such things and make an extra effort to have quality prayer, graciously do what is needed as part of my ministry, and give of my precious time for the sake of loving another. - Sr Joyce Rupp.

A Joyous and Blessed Easter! - Frs Johnson & Terence

Parish Buzz
Easter Trivia

40 days of Lent have come and gone, the day that we have been counting down to is finally here; EASTER! Here are some interesting Easter trivia!

Q: What is the significance of the Easter Egg?
A: Eggs are more symbolic to Easter than you think. Eggs are a symbol of renewal and rebirth, which ties it back to Christ’s resurrection and the promise of a new life for us. The hard egg shell represents Jesus’ tomb which was “cracked” to symbolise the Lord’s emergence.

Q: Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after Good Friday, but there are only 2 days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday?
A: The Jews have a different system of counting the days than what we are used to. They believe that a new day began at sundown. Thus the sunset on Friday was day 1, the sunset on Holy Saturday day 2, and on Easter Sunday, day 3. Thus, it was 3 days from Good Friday to Easter!


Have a blessed Easter and remember to indulge in some chocolate bunnies and eggs while remembering the true meaning of Easter!

Holy Week Masses at CDM
Maundy Thursday • 17 April
(No morning Mass)
7.00pm » Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Adoration till midnight (Hot cross buns will also be on sale)

Good Friday • 18 April
(Day of Fast and Abstinence)
9am, 11.30am & 3.00pm » Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
Children’s Service (Chapel)
5.30pm » Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday • 19 April
(No morning Mass)
7.00pm » Easter Vigil & Baptism of Adults

Easter Sunday • 20 April
7am, 9am,11.30am, 5.30pm (infant baptism)
** Fast: Ages 18 - 59. Abstinence from meat: Ages 14 & above

Our Lenten Experience in the Holy Land
(A 3-part series)

This is the final Lenten sharing and reflection from 5 of our parishioners who had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land.

The Promise of the Passion of Christ- by Tricia Kat

A glorious ray shining above the tomb of Jesus at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre reminded me of the “light” just above the Crucifix at our Church of Divine Mercy.

Upon reaching the 14th and last Station of the Via Dolorosa (“Sorrowful Way”) at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I felt a strange sense of “joy”. Not because I was happy to see Jesus’ tomb, but because I think I gained a tiny bit of understanding of our Salvation journey. There won’t be Easter without the Passion. Indeed many were saved, especially those who were in union with Christ when He suffered.

Jesus told St. Faustina, “I do not reward for good results but for the patience & hardship undergone for My sake.” (Diary entry #86). Inspired by this possibility, I am encouraged to face challenges and sufferings which may come my way with a different mindset. Looking up at the ceiling of the Church of Holy Sepulchre, above the tomb, it reminded me also of the Crucifix in our Church of Divine Mercy, where Jesus seemingly broke free from the Cross, to victoriously join His Father. What a wonderful thought! On this Easter Sunday, may you too be uplifted by this promise of everlasting life! Happy Easter!



Our heartfelt thanks for our priests, ministries and parishioners for their tireless contributions in making our Lenten and Easter celebrations meaningful. Thank you to the RCIA coordinators and sponsors for their yearlong dedication in journeying with our newly baptised!


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