The Holy Trinity Solemnity
Creating a Space to Encounter God

When God gave us the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy, it was not so much that God needed us to give one day to Him, but that we needed to set aside time in the week to remember and focus on His love for us. Thus we gather each week, to celebrate our relationship with God, as well as with the members of the Body of Christ, the Christian community.

A person coming to church on Sundays, would expect a suitable environment to facilitate this encounter with God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As a parish community, each of plays a part to help ourselves and the people around us, to enter into a time of prayerful worship.

There is a time and a place for everything. We have the foyer and canteen areas, where we are encouraged to engage in fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters. But once we enter into the main church, that is where we need to focus on the presence of God, and on our relationship with him. Conversations with each other should be kept at a minimal, while giving our all in our singing and responses.

Together we can make our parish into a place to worship and encounter God’s love and peace.

Parish Buzz
Understanding Pope Francis

In a recent interview with an Argentine newspaper, Pope Francis said that one of the things he misses most is being able to “go out in the streets” or even “going pizzeria to eat a good pizza” since being elected Pope.

The Pope then talked about the importance of mourning, a theme he emphasized during his trip to the Philippines in January 2015. He said that he mourns when “he sees human dramatic situations,” like that of the Rohingya population, which he mentioned during his Regina Caeli address last Sunday.

Pope Francis also spoke of problems surrounding the media coverage of him, which he says “takes a word and uses it out of context.” The Pope said that he reads only one newspaper – the Italian “La Repubblica” – but even then only for about 10 minutes. He also has not watched television in twenty-five years owing to “a promise I made to the Virgin of Carmel on the night of July 15, 1990.” When asked if he likes being referred to as the “poor Pope,” he joked saying that he agrees with the title if ‘poor’ is accompanied by another word: ”for example: the poor guy, the Pope.” and underscored that “poverty is the center of the Gospel, Jesus came to preach to poor, if you take poverty out of the Gospel, you cannot understand anything.”

The Pope further explained that the worst evils in the world are poverty, corruption and human trafficking. He said that he always asks people to pray for him because he “needs it. It is an internal need.”

Pope Francis concluded the interview by saying he simply wants to be remembered as a good guy.

24 May 2015 DMA Canteen Day - Thank You!

Divine Mercy Apostolate would like to thank all parishioners for the overwhelming support of their Canteen Day held last Sunday!

RCIA 2015

Come Journey with Us!


New RCIA Programme for 2015/2016
Inspired to find out more about the Catholic faith? Our new RCIA will start on Sun 7 June, 3:30pm at the Parish Hall. Registration forms are available in the parish office.

For enquiries, please contact the Parish Office or email

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