22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Our parish celebrated Catholic Nurses’ Guild Annual Mass and Blessing last Sunday, to show appreciation for healthcare givers and professionals.

A Pure Heart

There is a story about a master who one day put the following question to some of his disciples: ‘What is the thing that one should avoid most in life?’
‘An evil eye,’ said the first. `
‘A treacherous friend’ said the second.
‘A bad neighbour’ said the third.
‘A bad heart,’ said the fourth.
The Master liked the last answer best, because it included all the others.

Then he said, ‘And what is the most desirable life?
‘A good eye,’ said the first.
‘A good friend,’ said the second.
‘A good neighbor,’ said the third.
‘A good heart,’ said the fourth.

The Master liked the last answer best, because it included all the others. We must strive for cleanness of heart. Total purity of heart is unattainable here on earth. It is a struggle that will always go on. A pure heart is not the same as an empty heart.

A heart that is full of love is a pure and healthy heart.

Parish Buzz
Nurses Day Mass

During the Catholic Nurses’ Guild Annual Mass and Blessing Mass, healthcare givers and nurses recited the Nurses’ Pledge and had their hands blessed, as they reaffirmed their dedication to God. The joyful occasion ended on a high note with a sumptuous buffet treat.






Level 9 Ministry Attachment 2015
In the past few weeks, the teens attached to the AV Ministry have been striving hard to learn the ropes. It is not as easy as one might think! Brian Tan admitted feeling “a little pressured because if we do not change the slides the entire congregation will stare at us!” Joel Yeo found it “stressful and challenging” but he enjoys a challenge. For Ian Leong he said he joined because he has “experience doing this in school and it (was) fun”. Venice too found it to be an exciting experience. Overall, the teens are having a true learning experience and some may even continue in the Ministry after their attachment ends!

From left: Thierry Goh, Brain Tan, Ian Leong, Joel Yeo, Roi Chiok, Venice Fay

The Joy of the First Reconciliation
On 29 August, our Level 2 children experienced God’s love at their First Reconciliation. Each child was given a rose after their reconciliation as a symbol of God’s love for them. Parents and family members were also invited to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Lynette Sim (mother of Jerome Chua) shared that it was good that the family was involved and she was glad that Jerome’s godfather could journey with him. More photos are available on http://divinemercy.sg/catechist/photo.html

Level 5 Parent & Child Session
Last weekend, our Level 5 children were joined by their parents as they learnt that just like Abraham and his family, we are also called to learn to listen and trust God’s plans for us.

RCIA 2015

Come Journey with Us!


New RCIA Programme for 2015/2016
Inspired to find out more about the Catholic faith? Our new RCIA will start on Sun 7 June, 3:30pm at the Parish Hall. Registration forms are available in the parish office.

For enquiries, please contact the Parish Office or email rcia@divinemercy.sg

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