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There is a story about a priest who had a strange dream. He dreamt that he had died and was trying to get into heaven. When he approached the pearly gates, St. Peter told him he needed 100 points to get in.

Proudly the priest said, “Well, I was a parish priest for 43 years.”

“Fine,” said St. Peter, “That’s worth one point.”

“One point? Is that all?” cried the priest. “Yes, that’s it,” said St. Peter.

“Well,” said the priest, “I visited lots of people who are sick at home.” St. Peter responded, “That’s worth one point.”

“I worked with young people,” said the priest. “That’s worth one point,” said St. Peter. “I developed a number of excellent faith formation programs,” said the priest. “That’s worth one point,” said St. Peter.

“You have four points now. You need 96 more.”

“Oh no,” said the priest in a panic. “I feel so helpless, so inadequate, except for the God’s grace and mercy, I don’t have a chance.”

St. Peter smiled and said, “Did you say: ‘God’s grace and mercy’ - well that counts for 96 points. Come on in!” “Heavenly Father, I do not really deserve your love. Be merciful to me. Jesus, you are my Savior and Lord. I trust in you. Holy Spirit be with me and guide me to walk humbly, to act justly and to love tenderly.”

Parish Buzz
Lectors Commissioning - 13 July 2014

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Congratulations to our 37 lectors who
were commissioned last Sunday. The CDM
lectors are always on the lookout for new
members to the Ministry. No one is too
young or old to join us as we have lectors
from as young as 15 join us to proclaim the
word. The experience of our lectors varies
from a few months to more than 40 years!
The Ministry has twice as many females
than males, but strangely the Chairpersons
were predominantly male!

If you feel drawn to the Bible, do contact us at or 9090 0607 – Benedict Lim

The Gift of Faith - Infant Baptism July 2014

Congratulations to the parents and godparents whose infants received the Sacrament of Baptism on Easter Sunday 13 July 2014.

May the blessing of our Lord be upon the parents and godparents in nurturing their child in the light of faith.


For photo request, please send
an email to



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Congratulations to the new Divine Mercy Apostolate Committee

The parish Divine Mercy Apostolate (DMA) was formed on 20 June 2012.

Their mission is to:

Spread God’s message of mercy to all parishioners and visitors
Foster unity among devotees through retreats, feast day celebrations, etc.
Provide uniform and authentic versions of true devotion to all who are holding divine mercy prayers in their neighbourhood.

Thank you to the previous DMA Committee, who finished its two-year term, for their hard work and dedication to the DMA. On this note, we welcome the new Committee! May God guide and give them, strength to lead the Apostolate. Congratulations to the new Committee:


Chairman : Fidelia Eber
Vice-chairman : Michael Raj
Secretary : Lilian Tan
Asst Secretary : Jennifer Tan
Treasurer : Jenny Yeap

Wakey Brekkie! Rise and Shine!

Wake up to a delicious and scrumptious spread by the Lector Ministry at the canteen after Sunday Mass today! Enjoy traditional local breakfast treats with pastries and desserts to top off the menu! See you there!

Our Priests will be “Out-of-Office”

Our priests will be away at a Presbyterium Gathering in Malaysia from July 29 - August 1. During their absence, Holy Communion Service is available on:


29 July Tues 6.15 pm
30/31 July Wed/Thu 6.30 am & 6.15 pm
1 Aug Fri 6.30 am


Mass will be celebrated on all other days.


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Around the Archdiocese

Primary 1 Registration for Catholic Children Born between 2 Jan 2008 and 1 Jan 2009 (inclusive)


St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
has a history of 135 years with the loving
presence of the Canossian Sisters in the
school for 120 years. The school believes
strongly in values education and the
formation of the whole child. We continue
to uphold the importance of Catholic
education in the school.

The P1 registration dates for Phase 2B
(Catholics) will be from 21 July (Mon)
to 22 Jul (Tue). Please refer to MOE’s
website for information on registration.
For more details on the school, log
on to the school’s website .

Verbum Dei Project Hope 2014


Fundraising Dinner and Auction

When 25 October, 6:30pm
Where Raffles Town Club
Dunearn Ballroom, Level 1
Tickets $2500 / table of 10 people

For more information or to book a table,
please call 6274 0251 or visit www.

OLPS Mass & Potluck by
St Raphael Singles

A weekend retreat for young working
adults, age 21-35 years.


Where OLPS Canteen (Siglap)
When 27 July (Sun) @ 10am
Cost Bring Some Food to Share!

Faith-based Activities Available after
Mass. Email StRaphaelSingles@gmail.
to confirm your participation.
Connect at


A weekend retreat for young working
adults, age 21-35 years.


Where Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Ctr, 2 Lor Low Koon S(536449
When 25 - 28 July
Cost $80.00

Workshop on Pope Francis’ Apostolate Exhortation

A weekend retreat for young working
adults, age 21-35 years.

By Sr Maria Lau, IJ


Date 26 July (Sat)
Time 10:00a.m. to 12:30p.m.
Venue St Magdalene Room, Level 3,
55 Waterloo Street
Catholic Centre

For more information and registration, please email