Fifth Sunday of Easter

Last Sunday, we celebrated Vocation Sunday and Good Shepherd Sunday. Both calls for us to be sensitise, and to recognise God’s calling within our hearts “to follow Him”. A few ministries organised activities to tie in with the significance of this celebration, which are featured in this week’s bulletin.

Congratulations to our New Altar Servers!

Last Sunday, at the 11.30am Mass, we witnessed the joyful celebration of the commissioning of 24 new altar servers. These young men have listened and responded to the call to serve. See the sparkle in their eyes!

Did You Know?
  • We have now 85 altar servers in CDM (more are welcome!)
  • The longest serving altar server is Ariel Marc Yeo, who has been with the ministry for 12 years, and he is presently the President of the Altar Server Ministry
  • The youngest altar server is Raphael Pinto, who is just 10 years old!

Congratulations to the Altar Server Ministry and may the Spirit continue to bless with the openness to continue to respond to God’s call to serve. Thank you also to parents for their wholehearted support!


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More photos of the commissioning are available at HERE.

Parish Buzz
Vocation and Good Shepherd Sunday
Our children and youth had a meaningful weekend celebrating Vocation Sunday and Good Shepherd Sunday. More photos are available HERE!

Primary Level Parent & Child Session - Good Shepherd Sunday

Last weekend, our Primary level children spent an afternoon learning about Jesus, our Good Shepherd. Through reflection and interactive activities, the children and their parents learnt how we are each called by name to follow Jesus.
They were also treated to a very special guest - the Good Shepherd!.

Confirmation Level Vocation Sunday Sharing

In celebration of Vocation Sunday, Religious Brothers, Sisters and priests visited our Confirmation teens to share more about their Religious Orders and their personal vocation stories.

Youth Mass

Our youths celebrated the quarterly Youth Mass last Saturday from 7pm – 9:30pm. The theme this time was U.N.I.T.E.D., where the youths were challenged to be united in Mission, to be daring in Evangelising. Mass ended with fellowship that enabled the youths to mingle and get know each other better.

Thank You & Farewell, Michael!

Michael first step foot at CDM on 27 May 2011 and has since became a familiar face in our parish. He is a man of all trades! Besides looking into the maintenance and housekeeping aspects of our church, Michael plays an important role as a sacristan.

“Coming to Singapore was like a second life to me. I was played out by two agents and I thank God for making my third attempt possible. I would like to express my gratitude to Father Johnson and Sister Marian who made my passage to Singapore smooth.”

“My stay in Singapore has been a happy one. So many memorable moments but one which I recall is the 2013 Feast Day. It was the biggest I have ever experienced! Subsequently, I realised every feast day is big as we get more experience in organizing it. Everyone has been very kind and generous to me. There is always enough to eat. The priests look out for me too!”

Michael will return to his homeland in Myanmar on 6 May to begin his “third life” with the love of his life. We will miss him dearly! Michael, thank you for being part of our parish and we wish you all the best in the next stage of your life.


God bless and come visit us again!

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